IFI SPDIF Purifier2


iPurifier hjälper till att förstärka signalen och ta bort jitter samt sänka störningarna. Genom att ansluta produkten kommer du att uppleva ljudet som bättre upplöst och bättre dynamik och svärta.


SPDIF iPurifier

The SPDIF iPurifier2 optimises the quality of SPDIF signal transmission and enhances the quality of audio from mainstream devices.

Whether you are a movie buff or a hardcore gamer, the SPDIF iPurifier2 will make sure sound matches vision with stunning quality.

Xbox lack the X factor?

So, you’ve got a TV with crystal clear picture quality? Or an Xbox One X with stunning graphics?

But something is still not quite right. Soundtracks are lack lustre and footsteps remain undefined.

You need the SPDIF iPurifier2.

Noisy neighbours

SPDIF is the main digital audio output signal for devices such as Apple TVs, PS4, Xbox and 4K Smart TVs.

It is common in mainstream devices for the SPDIF signal to suffer from low quality transmission and an abundance of jitter.

Got neighbours with noisy power? This can corrupt yours too.

Dance to a different tune

Add our SPDIF iPurifier2 to get a fully restored, jitter free signal that adds greater dynamic contrast, greater warmth and sharper detail to your sound.

Netflix will never have sounded so good.

An SPDIF of many talents

The SPDIF is multi-talented. It works with Toslink and digital cables on practically any SPDIF source.

And, as it can output both SPDIF and optical at the same time, you can connect it to two devices at once!

Plus, it can double as a coax SPDIF to optical converter.

Perfect performer

It’s Bit Perfect – it doesn’t over or upsample the signal. It’s compatible with DTS, DOLBY Digital and DoP signals and offers full HD support up to 192KHz.

Soundtracks rock and games feel immersive. Cracked it.

The signal goes through 4 comprehensive stages – isolation, regeneration, a memory buffer and re-clocking. The restores the industry standard ‘square wave’ which represents the desired signal.

The result is a fully-restored SPDIF signal without jitter.  The sound quality now has greater warmth, resolution and dynamic contrast.

A galvanically isolated SPDIF output means that electrical circuits are separated to eliminate stray elements – a signal can pass but nothing else. Interference-free audio.

And with added Reclock® and Regenerate® the signal remains true and strong.

AMR’s Global Master Timing (GMT)/ Memory Buffer System represents a total ‘out of the box’ systematic digital solution that solves the digital SPDIF jitter once and for all.

We pride ourselves on giving you Bit-Perfect signal transfer. This means the signal remains original and unchanged.

This device ensures a Bit-Perfect transfer which is highly unusual for SPDIF devices. It can handle 44.1 / 48 / 88.2 / 96 / 176.4 / 192kHz; 16 to 24 Bit, DSD, DoP, and even Dolby Digital and DTS.

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