Krix Volcanix Slim 12 tum


KRIX  Volcanix Slim 12″  aktiv bas. En platt bas som lättare smälter in. Bottenportad subwoofer med ett 12 tum (305mm) element för bas. Inbyggt ICEpower® class D steg med 450W RMS (max 900W peak) SPL:128dB. Power on/off: ställbar mellan alltid på/auto eller 12v trigger.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.

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    • Slim design for greater placement options
    • Down firing dual ports
    • Heavily braced enclosure

Designed to fit behind acoustically transparent screens and other shallow locations, this is one versatile subwoofer. Don’t let the ‘slim’ name fool you, this subwoofer combines enormous punch with deep extension.

Welcome to the profound experience of true low frequency effects with the Volcanix Slim, a dedicated home cinema in room subwoofer.  Experience stunning depth and realism in cars chases, building explosions and rumbling earthquakes, while also benefiting from tonal accuracy and the enhanced bass performance you need to truly feel a rock concert or the strings of a symphony orchestra.

Using the same bass driver and class D amplifier as Krix’s award-winning Volcanix subwoofer, the Volcanix Slim is redesigned to fit perfectly behind acoustically transparent screens or to be mounted into shallow false baffle walls.

The built-in ICEpower® class D amplifier delivers 450 watts RMS, while the large 305mm bass driver, with huge 50mm long throw voice coil, is specifically developed for low frequency reinforcement. With two large down-firing ports to give a 40% larger vent area than the Volcanix, the Volcanix Slim provides improved bass performance at higher volumes.

Its front mounted control panel with LED display allows easy adjustments, while proprietary Krix rubber feet improve acoustic isolation on hard and soft floor surfaces. Available without a front grille, for use behind an acoustically transparent screen, or with a front grille for those displayed in full view.

For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.

Frequency range
15Hz-200Hz in room response

Amplifier power
450 Watts RMS, 900 Watts maximum instantaneous power

125dB maximum SPL in room response

Stereo line level RCA. High level binding posts

Enclosure type
Bass reflex, down firing vents

630mm high x 500mm wide x 309mm deep

Low frequency driver
Nominal 305mm (12”) diameter paper cone driver with 50mm (2”) long throw voice coil developed for high level, low frequency reinforcement

Power on/off
Adjustable auto/always On, 12V trigger setting

Phase select
0º or 180º

Low pass filter

50Hz-200Hz or bypass


26kg each

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Vikt 2 kg

MX-5, MX-10, MX-20, MX-30, MX-40, Baffelmodul MX-20 AS200, Baffelmodul MX-20 AS325, Baffelmodul MX-30-40 AS325, Baffelmodul MX-30-40 As200


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